"War never changes."

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An original FALLOUT roleplay. Set in St. Louis, Missouri in the year 2298. 

Homer Harris - Atomic Bomb Blues (1947) Muddy Waters On Guitar-1

Homer Harris - Atomic Bomb Blues (1947) Muddy Waters On Guitar-1

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The Will Rogers Caravan Company is undertaking an exploit to utilize prewar Route 66 as a trading route. The company is working towards connecting trade and travel along the ancient byway and to secure a successful caravan trail from L.A.'s "Boneyard" to Chicago's "Wind City". The WRCC has encountered hardships in its venture, however, from aggressive caravan competitors to financial setbacks. The largest obstacle the company contends with, currently, is the presence of the raider army "The Sixty-Sixers". The danger from these despondents is primarily based upon their staggering numbers, the group's unpredictable nature, and their ability to cover large expanses of Route 66 very rapidly. Expansion of the WRCC has ground to a halt in the city of St. Louis - also the headquarters of the Sixty-Sixer raiders. The sudden arrival of peoples and establishments in St. Louis has drawn the notice of the midwestern Brotherhood of Steel - a Chapter currently known for looking out for its own best interests first and foremost. With the various factions converging in one location and tensions escalating... the threat of conflict and war rises. Welcome to St. Louis, Missouri, where you have been become twisted amidst the various lives and occurrences within the war-torn remains of the city.

This is a fan-created site focused on allowing a creative and expansive roleplay experience while appearing as nothing more than a simple Fallout side-story.

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